Korgasm or orgasm in the gym

There are many types of female orgasm. For example korgasm. Why does he overtake only a select few of the fair sex and only during training? Can it be caused or is it a spontaneous uncontrollable phenomenon? And in general, is it normal to have an orgasm without sex?

The name of this type of orgasm was borrowed from two words – core (core muscles – those that support the spine, pelvis and hips in a stable position) and orgasm itself (a strong sense of pleasure, satisfaction). It is achieved through tension, muscle compression, while there is no additional stimulation of the external genital organs.

For the first time, it was not women who told the world about korgasm, but the sexologist biologist Alfred Kinsey in the middle of the last century. Then this topic was not raised until 8 years ago, in 2011, American scientists decided to conduct a more detailed study.

Who gets myotonic orgasm

Of course, research of this kind cannot have a 100% reliable result, because:

1 not all women are able to have an orgasm;

2 not all this phenomenon is bright and pronounced;

3 not everyone is ready to share personal feelings;

4 people often go in for sports but don’t give their best.

Nevertheless, the study showed that more often corgasm occurs in those who do exercises on the muscles of the core with the use of simulators and without them, do jogging, yoga, swimming, climbing a tightrope; in those who exercise very intensively, myotonia happens to emaciated, tired muscles. Participants in the survey described their feelings differently. Someone has a bright splash, someone has a quiet pulsation and excitement, but it is impossible to miss the moment itself. None of the respondents thought about sex, saw nothing exciting when it first happened. The study involved women and girls from 18 to 63 years old.

Process physiology

Any orgasm is caused by a large flow of blood to the genitals and subsequent discharge. In this case, the influx occurs due to the intense work of the muscles.

Plus, with high physical activity, hormones of joy (endorphins, serotonin) are released into the blood, which additionally stimulates the brain centers responsible for pleasure. It is through the fault of these centers that detente takes place.

Is it possible to deliberately cause korgasm? But you have to study very hard. The muscles must be tired. Moreover, it is on the rope / simulator “Captain’s chair” or some other / when swimming. That is, getting tired of some exercises and moving on to others purely for the sake of orgasm will not work. For some girls, it is enough to raise their legs 15 times, swinging the press. They do 5-6 sets and enjoy each one. And someone does 70-80 lifts and does not feel anything. Everything is very individual. The more trained the body, the easier it is to catch pleasure.

Is it okay to have korgasm

Sexologists from different countries interpret orgasms differently outside of sexual intimacy. What is considered the norm, for example, in Europe, in Russia is referred to as deviations in sexual behavior. However, korgasms happen to a large number of women all over the world and they (korgasms) do not care who explains it and how.