How a scent we can’t hear influences the choice of a sexual partner

We use the most sophisticated scents to seduce the man we like, but in vain! How to become desired with the help of a smell that no one senses in the usual sense of the word. Where to get this fragrance, how to present it to a man and whether such aroma magic works from men to women. In fact, there is no magic, but there is pure anatomy and physiology. Anatomy Men, like women, have a vomeronasal system. Its receptors are located on the nasal septum, not far from the entrance, then there is a nerve and a separate olfactory bulb. This system processes the finest odors, influencing the formation of sexual behavior and emotional background.

Also, both sexes have sweat glands that begin to function only after puberty. They are called apocrine, located in the armpits, in the genital area and anus, around the navel, near the ear canal on the ears, in the skin of the forehead and eyelids, around the nipple. Their secret has a pungent odor, which directly depends on the concentration of sex hormones in the blood, and a viscous consistency. During puberty, the smell is strongest, and the intensity decreases with age.


If a woman has a normal hormonal background, then during the period of ovulation, the level of female sex hormones will be the highest, respectively, this will affect the composition of the secretion of the apocrine glands. A man, inhaling the smell of a woman capable of fertilization, receives a signal from the brain that she is healthy, capable of childbearing and unconsciously chooses her.

It’s a little different with women. During the period most favorable for conception, when their female hormones are at their peak, the vomeronasal system helpfully prompts which of the surrounding men has the highest testosterone levels – the male sex hormone. And during this period, they begin to respond to masculine facial features, confident movements, a low voice – everything that the brain perceives as indirect indicators of normal testosterone levels. That is, the female brain also chooses a healthy and procreative man.

How to exude a healthy smell

1 Eat right. Abuse of fast carbohydrates (cakes, rolls, chocolate bars, sodas, and more) leads to excess weight and hormonal disruption. And also the lack of vitamins and microelements in the diet negatively affects the production of hormones.

2 Monitor your hormonal levels and seek medical help promptly. Women regularly visit a gynecologist, men a urologist and an andrologist.

3 Lead an active, mobile lifestyle. Firstly, this is the prevention of obesity, and secondly, intensive gas exchange has a beneficial effect on all organs and tissues, and with a sedentary lifestyle, blood stagnation is inevitable.

4 Smoking has a negative effect on hormones and skin odor. Although for some women, the smell of a man is associated with tobacco.

Conclusion: the better our health, the more desirable we are for the opposite sex. Do not hesitate to whisper in your ear and allow someone you like to do it. And you will be heard in every sense of the word.